Friday, July 18, 2014

Time Traveling!

I can hardly believe it's been since late May since I last posted. Since then, we've been on several trips, Isaac has learned to wave and clap, and I am short four (wisdom) teeth.

In early June, we took the LONGEST (it felt so long!) road-trip to date with Isaac when we traveled to Orlando to visit our family down there. We spent a week and enjoyed catching up with everyone. We even had extended family in from Texas that we hadn't seen in years (or even met!). So, it was fun to have a mini reunion of sorts.

Pit stop for BBQ at Sonny's in GA!
The first morning of vacation in FL
We celebrated some birthdays while we were in Florida: Gary's, Barbara's and Grandma's. The celebration was a seafood feast with lobster, crab, several different dips and shrimp! It was delicious and ended with light, fluffy cake. Mmm!

Grandma and Barbara
Diane and Bill
Isaac and Mallory
The birthday kids: Gary, Barbara and Gma
Dad and Isaac
Celebrating baby
Dad and Isaac

Isaac went on his first visit to Disney World's Magic Kingdom. We ladies (and Isaac) first enjoyed a lunch at the Grand Floridian Cafe. After lunch, Becky, aunt Di, Isaac and I made our way to the Magic Kingdom via the monorail.

Lunch at the Grand Floridian Cafe

The only guy allowed to come to the ladies' luncheon
At first, Isaac wasn't too thrilled to be waiting in line to go into Disney, but as soon as he entered the gates, he was magically happy! Becky and I took him to meet Mickey Mouse and then snapped a few pictures of the three of us in front of the Disney Castle before Isaac was done playing. Thankfully, aunt Di was kind enough to take him home while Becky and I stayed and played in the Kingdom.

"I'm tired of waiting in line to go into Disney!"
"This makes the wait more tolerable."
"Whoa! Does anyone else see this giant mouse besides me?"

Room to grow!
"I am over this."
"We're still here?"

"Mommm!!! I'm tired and ready to go!"
Disney World is exhausting.
There was also pool fun!!
Mike and Isaac
Snoozing on mommy
In addition to our Florida vacation, Isaac and I have gone on a couple road trips with his Grandma! We took two separate day trips: one to Cary, NC, to visit his great-great aunt Bunny who will be 95 next month and the second to Johnson City, TN, to see his great-aunt Kathy and great-uncle Dave.
Isaac and aunt Bunny
Aunt Bunny and Lois

Happy boy!
He really liked the teddy bear she gave him!
Lois and Isaac in TN
Aunt Kathy, uncle Dave, ? , Lois and Isaac

Grandma and Isaac bliss.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Strawberry Picking

Mike and I hadn't been strawberry picking together since "Round 1" when we were visiting friends in Seattle back in 2007. We'd talked about going earlier in the week, but the field was closed when we arrived so we had a "redo" and went on Saturday while my sweet aunt watched Isaac.
Isaac and his babysitter

The weather was beautiful and the berries were ripe for the picking. At $8 a bucket, they couldn't get much cheaper, either. We went to a local strawberry farm and soaked in the sun while we plucked the berries from their plants.

There's something so satisfying about hearing the sound of a perfectly ripe strawberry as it pops off the stem.

Pop, pop, pop...
Holding his empty bucket and ready to get started!

It was SO bright!
Getting there...
A perfect strawberry and really handsome guy!
Posing with our full buckets.

Couch Time with Isaac

This was taken after our morning routine of reading some books. Isaac was being silly with the camera as he watched himself. Be prepared for giggles, lip smacking (that's his new "thing"), talking, giggles and more giggles.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Our Meteor Shower Experience

Isaac woke me at 3:15 this morning and when he was done eating it was then I read about the meteor shower supposedly peaking at that time (2-4 AM EST). Isaac was back in bed so I walked outside to check out the shower. It was brilliant!! There were meteors falling all over in shorts bursts and they were as bright as planes. It was like no shower I had seen before. I watched for about thirty seconds and decided it was a show that Mike needed to see. I went back in the house and woke him.

"Mike!! There is a meteor shower outside and it's awesome. You should come see it. The meteors are like planes they are so bright and they are falling all around us!" 

Groggily he woke and he came outside with me. We sat in chairs on the porch and looked to the sky. Immediately, they were flashing.

"Look!" I pointed in the direction I saw one. "Did you see that one!?" I was so excited. How lucky were we to wake up and see this?

Mike paused. "That was a lightning bug."

Psh. I countered. "No, it was a meteor." 

We sat another thirty seconds and I saw another one. "How about that one? Did you see it?!"

"That was another lightning bug." 

It was then I realized two things. I really need new glasses and I had just woken my husband from a dead sleep to come watch bugs.

We sat there another 15 minutes staring into space and actually saw a really big meteor and two smaller ones (and tons more lightning bugs!). So, it wasn't for nothing. Additionally, it gave us something silly to laugh about.

On another plus side, regardless of cloud coverage, if I want to see another shower, I just have to put on my glasses and go outside again tonight!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blow Your Block Off: An Isaac Video

When my sister and I were little, our dad would play a game dubbed "Knock Your Block Off" with us. It involved us as babies sitting up and dad taking the palm of his hand and gently pushing on our foreheads just enough to push us over until we fell backwards. As babies, my sister and I liked the game so much that we even started to anticipate when dad would put his palm on our heads. We'd beat him to it as we'd fall backwards on our own accord when he was an inch or two from our heads. This was a fun game for us as babies that was captured on video and played later for us as adults.

Mike has done something very similar to "Knock Your Block Off" and I present it below. It's called "Blow Your Block Off."